Rainbow Brite Theme Song

Very, very popular franchise that has a cult following to this day.

So, guess what? There are some very familiar names in this theme tune once again—possibly the biggest names in animation music. Shuki Levy and Haim Saban ring a bell? Yes, once again, they are the composers of this theme—and all music for the thirteen-episode series. Frankly, I don’t even remember the last time I posted something for a cartoon show wherein I didn’t encounter their names (seriously). And, listing what they’ve done so far is getting tiring, so, as with the previous posts, simply click on their names beside “Tags” at the end of this post to see a list of their work.

The short intro was able to squeeze in some lyrics, but actually, the longer version of the theme can be heard on the original closing credits (below we have videos of both). But first, let’s look at the complete and correct lyrics.

Rainbow Brite theme song lyrics

Rainbow Brite
See the shining light
Yes, I’m gonna take you to Rainbow Brite

[opening sequence edit here]

Starlite flies
Right before your eyes
And rainbow colors will cheer you up

Magic light
Come, I’ll take you for a ride

Rainbow Brite
See the shining light
Yes, I’m gonna take you to Rainbow Brite

It sounds to me like the singer is the same as the one voicing the character, isn’t it? (Please correct me on this one.) But if it were true, then the singer would be voice actress Bettina Bush.

Update: According to Bettina Bush’s Wikipedia entry, she is also a singer by profession. Chances are, she’s really the one behind the voice.

Anyway, here are the videos.

And the longer end credits featuring the full theme.

On a related not, it is said that in home releases of the series (VHS), the end credits were changed to the “Rainbow Brite and Me” song. Same song was used in the Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer movie. Below is the song.

That’s it for this one. Hit the comments for additional information and/or corrections.

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  1. When my sister lived in Los Angeles she knew a guy who said that as a kid he was one of the singers on the Rainbow Brite theme song. It does sound like there may be more than one voice and little boys can sing higher pitches, but I agree, the main voice sounds like a woman. It’s a little strange that no one is ever credited as the actual voice.

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