Punky Brewster Theme Song


Soleil Moon Frye is now 33 years old.

The theme song for Punky Brewster, as the chorus suggests, is entitled “Every Time I Turn Around.” It was performed and co-written by Gary Portnoy, who is known to have sung probably the most famous theme song of all time—Cheers‘ “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” Both themes were written by Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo.

Punky Brewster theme song lyrics

Maybe the world is blind
Or just a little unkind
Don’t know

Seems you can’t be sure
Of anything anymore

You maybe lonely and then
One day you’re smiling again
Every time I turn around
I see the girl that turns my world around
Standing there

Every time I turn around
Her spirit’s lifting me right off the ground
What’s gonna be
Guess we’ll just wait and see

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