Profiler Theme Song

Eat your heart out, Criminal Minds, Profiler came first.

True fans would know that there were two profilers in the show’s four-season run. Ally Walker as Dr. Samantha Waters for seasons 1 to 3, and Jamie Luner as Dr. Rachel Burke for the fourth and final season. Now, because the opening video sequence is lead character-centric, it made sense to create a new one when Jamie Luner took over. As with the new intro, a new theme song was also put in place.

Alright, so now were know there were two themes and two sequences. First, I give you the Ally Walker, season 1 to 3 version. Watch below.

The tune above was composed by Angelo Badalamenti, whose best and most-recognized work is probably for Twin Peaks.

Then came the Jamie Luner, season 4 version. Watch below.

Better? It should. Composer Danny Lux was nominated for an Emmy—Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music—on this one. However, it lost to the titles from Trinity—a short-lived and another NBC series (Profiler was NBC as well).

Both composers are well known, you can click on their names in the “Tags” are below to see what other work they’ve done.

Alright, so that’s it for this one. As far as this song is concerned, no soundtracks or other official releases are available, so you only have YouTube (or the DVDs).

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