Northern Exposure Theme Song


I have to admit, I do not remember much about this show except for the moose in the opening.

It sure did have a rockin’ theme song though, which is just so relaxing to listen to. Audiophiles, this is a good gear tester.

The song, normally credited as “Theme From Northern Exposure”, was composed by David Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz is the lone composer and scorer for the series; he also did some work for Reaper, Worst Week and Arrested Development among others.

If you want to legally acquire the tune, you can check out the official soundtrack Northern Exposure: Music from the Television Series, released in 1992 under MCA.

I’m not 100% sure but I think the soundtrack contains a full/extended version of the theme, otherwise where would the video below get a 3-minute version.

And below, the classic moose opening sequence.

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