No Ordinary Family Theme Song


Things are not looking good for this show.

As we all know, No Ordinary Family has this narration-style opening sequence. It then transitions to the short intertitle that displays the logo and the names of the creators—Greg Berlanti and Jon Harmon Feldman. While all of that is happening, a sort of grand, reminds-me-of-graduation type of theme song is playing in the background.

Not much is known about this tune, however, series original music is credited to Blake Neely. We know Mr. Neely as he has done some impressive work. In this blog alone, we have theme themes from The Mentalist (really jammin’ theme), Everwood, and part of The Pacific team. I can bank on him composing this theme.

As of now, we know of no commercial releases for this tune.

To make the most out of this post, let’s just include the script for the narration.

Every story has a beginning.
We were just an ordinary family until…
Hold on!
Oh, my God!
Something extraordinary has happened.
You can jump just over a quarter mile,
can lift 11,000 pounds.
I’m fast.
I can hear people’s thoughts.
I’ve got, like, the super-brain.
So you turned your garage into…
what every secret
crime-fighter needs… a lair.
Don’t you see? I can
finally make a difference.
I think I liked us better when
we were just dysfunctional.

The above serves the episode below, at least. I think this (narration) changes in some episodes. Anyway, Below is the intro to No Ordinary Family, so listen to the theme song.

There you go.

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