Moesha Theme Song


This did not air in our country, so thank God for ze YouTubes.

It would be weird if Brandy did not sing the title song to her own show. So yes, Brandy Norwood, who plays Moesha Mitchell in Moesha performed and recorded the show’s theme song. But, she did not compose it. The song is credited to composer Kurt Farquhar.

So I checked and it is safe to say that the franchise has not released anything commercial to this date. They do not have soundtracks, let alone DVDs of the show’s six-season run. However, I think the DVD is in pre-order from, so that’s good news for all you 90s kids.

As for the song itself, I know for a fact that they used a slightly different version for seasons 1 through 3 (with season 2 & 3 having minor changes only), and the fourth season and version, used from seasons 4 through 6. The video clips and sequences of course changed, as it normally does on multi-season series.

Moesha theme song lyrics

Mo to the E to the

Up in the morning
A new day is starting
It’s me, it’s me
Am I realizing my responsibility?
It’s me

My best friend is always on my mind
You wanna be down for mine
I gotta do, what I gotta do
I gotta move on

Moesha (Mo to the E to the – earlier versions)
Moesha (Mo to the E to the – earlier versions)


There are only 2 versions in YouTube. Below is the original season one rip.

Below is a good-quality season 4 rip.

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