Michael Myers Theme Song

Michael Myers is the primary antagonist the Halloween series of films, and yes, he has a very scary theme song. In the original movie, he was credited as The Shape so this post also works out as “the shape theme song.” In fact, this can also work out as the Halloween theme song—because yes, the same basic song structure and melody (re-recorded, of course) has been used in each of the films in the series.

As just stated, other Halloween movies feature theme songs that remain true to the melody of the original song. Re-recorded versions have different arrangements, tempo and instruments.

Most of the songs used in the film series is credited to John Carpenter. In fact, the original soundtrack of the the first film is branded as “Music Composed and Performed by John Carpenter,” so there you go. Oh by the way, Carpenter was also the original writer and director of the original movie released in 1978.

Since the franchise spans over 30 years with around 10 films already to its credit, naturally, there are already also a number of soundtracks released. Click here and pick your pick.

By the way, this song makes for an excellent ringtone.

Below is said scary theme song.

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