MASK Theme Song

1985; Also “M.A.S.K. theme song” or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand

Hot damn this was the shiznit!

IMDb lists series original music by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban, the former being still active to this day, and is known for composing the theme songs of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and X-Men. I do not know who sang it, however, Shuki Levy is also known as a rock lead singer in his home, Israel, and in Europe in the seventies as part of the duo Shuki and Aviva.

MASK theme song lyrics

Masked crusaders, working overtime
Fighting crime, fighting crime
Secret raiders who will neutralize
As soon as they arrive, at the site
Trakker’s gonna lead the mission
And Spectrum’s got such super vision
Is the mighty power that can save the day
No one knows what lies behind the masquerades
Always riding hot on VENOM’s trail
Come see the laser rays
Fire away

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One thought on “MASK Theme Song”

  1. I think everyone has the end all wrong. “Cause he’s a lazer Ace, Fire Away! Not”Come see the laser rays Fire away” does not even sound right or make any sense. I grew up watching this great show, and have been listening to the lyrics alot lately. Every where I look on the net has the same last part, but does not sound right. I really think it is what I put in the above statement. Anyone else agree’s please leave a comment, thanks.

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