Mad Love Theme Song

This is for the semi-new sitcom on CBS starring American Pie‘s Jason Biggs and one of my favorite always-the-odd-character actors, Judy Greer.

Now, let me be honest with you and go straight to the point—the theme song for Mad Love still remains a mystery. No information is available out there with regards to the composer, performer, song title, or if ever there’s a full version. At this point, the only thing we can do is translate the lyrics on our own, so here goes:

Mad Love theme song lyrics

Our love is volatile, chemical, anything but typical. I want you badly, (I love you madly) I love you madly.

Now, not that that was hard to do or anything, but this post will remain (and will act) as an information and discussion medium for anything related to this tune. As always, hit the comments if have something useful to add.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning that original music for the series is credited to composer John Swihart. Mr. Swihart is known in the film and television-scoring world, most notable for Napoleon Dynamite. I did some research and listened to his tunes—they sound very unique with a general wacky and happy feeling. However, non of his songs (those that I listened to at least) have vocals. So, it’s hard to tell but it’s probably not him who composed the Mad Love theme.

For now, let’s just relive said tune from the opening credits.

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