Mad About You Theme Song


Old school once again.

Alright, here we go. For the television series Mad About You, the iconic theme song is officially entitled “Final Frontier.” The song was made especially for the show; it was composed by Paul Reiser and American record producer Don Was. As we all know, Paul Reiser was half of the lead characters of the show—he played Paul Buchman, husband of Helen Hunt’s character Jamie Stemple Buchman.

Paul Reiser’s involvement with the show and the theme song does not end there. He also happened to co-create the show and played piano for the recording of the theme song. Talk about multi-talented.

Now, we know that the theme song has two versions. The first is a version by legendary singer Andrew Gold. Mr. Gold is best known for his song “Thank You for Being a Friend,” which I’m pretty sure you know. The second version is by another legendary artist, Anita Baker. The second version debuted in the middle of the 1997 season (series aired for seven seasons between 1992 and 1999).

Both versions are included in the official and only soundtrack, released in 1997 via Atlantic Records. Mr. Gold also included it in his album Thank You For Being A Friend: The Best Of Andrew Gold.

But wait, possibly the most important accolade of the song is this: Andrew Gold has the distinction of being the first human voice “heard” on Mars because “Final Frontier” was used as the wake-up call for the Mars Pathfinder space probe in 1996. So, if Mars is really a no-alien zone, “Final Frontier” is the first song ever played in Mars. Way too cool.

Below is the complete Andrew Gold version.

Below is an Anita Baker version, but a live one (can’t find an album version).

Below is the intro.

And finally, the lyrics.

Mad About You theme song lyrics

Tell me why, I love you like I do
Tell me who, Can stop my heart as much as you
Tell me all your secrets and I’ll tell you most of mine
They say nobody’s perfect but it is really true this time
I don’t have the answers
And I don’t have a plan
All I have is you
So darling help me understand
What we do
You can whisper in my ear
Where we go
who knows what happens after here
Let’s take each other’s hands
As we jump into the final frontier
I’m mad about you
I’m mad about you
So mad about you

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