Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Theme Song

God, I miss Conan.

Jimmy Fallon has got the coolest theme song in talk show history, because he has the coolest band, or so he says. But, it would definitely be hard to disagree with that.

The theme song for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is a played-around-with version of The Roots’ “Here I Come.” (Note that same line, “Here I come” just after some lines by the announcer.) It came from their 2006 album, Game Theory, and was also used in the movie, Superbad.

Anyway, NBC is really strict when it comes to copyright infringement in YouTube, buy don’t fret, I’ve found the perfect video for “Here I Come” below.

Isn’t this ironic? The Roots playing “Here I Come” in David Letterman. Screw you, NBC.

One thought on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Theme Song”

  1. I like Jimmy Fallon and I like the show.
    The theme song is horrible. I do not like it at all.
    I was shocked and dismayed when I learned that THAT is the song for the show !
    It can barely be called a song. It’s just a bunch of sounds and syllables and 4 discordant notes .

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