Late Night with Conan O’Brien Theme Song

Conan will be back on TBS in November. Thank God.

This post will also serve as the entry for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, as they carried on with the same theme song for his brief stint in the “tonight show” spot.

Here is some interesting piece of information: It is said that the Conan O’Brien theme song was written by a certain John Lurieā€”an American musician, painter and actor, who also led the jazz group The Lounge Lizards. Lurie’s only connection with the show was that he was considered as a band leader of the Late Night band, a position we all know was held by drummer Max Weinberg. [Source]

Below is a music-only video of the Late Night theme song. It sounds real, and, based from the comments, it looks like it was taped from a show even though it has a slower tempo that what we’re accustomed to.

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