In Plain Sight Theme Song


Just finishing off the USA Network batch.

Anyhow, In Plain Sight is about witness protection. It stars the quite-alright Mary McCormack, who I still associate with The West Wing, and the quite-hot Nichole Hiltz. I’ve seen a couple of this show’s episodes and I never thought it would last three seasons (going on 4).

The theme song for In Plain Sight is not that definitive, as it’s more of a background to the premise narration. The song was composed by American Jeff Beal, who has also contributed for the shows Ugly Betty and Monk (among others).

Nothing much left to say here so let’s just cyber-space with the opening narration.

Since 1970, the Federal Witness Protection Program has relocated thousands of witnesses—some criminal, some not—to neighborhoods all across the country. Every one of those individuals shares a unique attribute, distinguishing them from the rest of the general population. And that is, somebody wants them dead.

Then the opening credits. Taken from season three.

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