Human Target Theme Song


Human Target is a semi-new action drama television series from Fox that stars Mark Valley—The 4400, and Chi McBride—Boston Public, among others. Its second season premiered just last November 17, 2010.

Its theme song was also nominated for the 2010 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. However, as we have already discussed this year’s winner, it did not win.

What’s surprising though is that given it already has a cool theme song (it was nominated, right?), they still changed it for the second season.

Another thing surprising is the official soundtrack for season one is a 3-disc boxed set. I mean, isn’t that a little too overkill?

In the soundtrack, the theme is simply credited as “Theme from Human Target”. It was composed by American Bear McCreary—known for his work on Battlestar Galactica.

Below is the super official (it is from Fox’s official YouTube channel) opening credits for season one featuring the Emmy-nominated theme.

Below is a music-only video of the extended theme (lasts 1:30).

Below is the new theme for season two. It was composed by Tim Jones. Now, I’m sure Mr. Jones is an excellent composer, and musician as well, but after the outstanding season one theme, this new one kind of sounds silly.

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