Hellcats Theme Song


Lets go back to present time, shall we? Hellcats is a new-for-fall 2010 TV series starring actress-singers Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale. Apparently, it’s about cheerleading.

The theme song was performed by Alyson Michalka’s band (duo actually, with her sister AJ) called 78violet. According the some YouTube dude, the song is entitled “Belong Here”. According to this however, which is an actual quote, the song is called “The Longhair”. The show is still quite new so we’ll get our facts straight soon.

Another song mistaken for the theme song is Fefe Dobson’s “Rockstar” which was played in the pilot episode.

Below is a crappy screencap of the opening (closing?) sequence featuring the song.

I read from somewhere that an official soundtrack has been given the go signal and will be released soon. If I’m not able to update this, click here to see if it has been released.

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