Good Luck Charlie Theme Song

The popular Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie captured the hearts of audiences with its relatable family dynamics, humorous situations, and endearing characters. One aspect that played a significant role in establishing the show’s warm and inviting atmosphere was its memorable theme song.

The theme song is credited to composers Jeanne Lurie, Chen Neeman, and Aris Archontis. The title is “Hang In There Baby.” Of course it was performed by the main character Teddy Duncan, played by American actress Bridgit Mendler.

Good Luck Charlie theme song lyrics

Today’s all burnt toast
Running late dad jokes
Has anybody seen my left shoe

I close my eyes take a bite
Take a ride laugh out loud
There it is up on the roof
I’ve been there I survived
So just take my advice

Hang in there baby, things are crazy but I know you futures bright
Hang in there baby there’s no maybe everything turns out alright
Sure life is up and down but trust me it comes back around
Your gonna love who you turn out to be

Hang in there baby

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