Game of Thrones Theme Song


This show will definitely rule.

So, what do you think? Premiere was shown just last Sunday so I guess it’s too early to judge. But expectations are definitely high for this one.

Good thing about HBO though is they know just how to promote their originals “just right.” Like the video below for example—uploaded by the official HBO channel—which is one of the first results you get when you search.

It does not get more official than this. Below is the opening sequence (and theme song) of Game of Thrones.

Cool,  right?

Series original music was tasked to Ramin Djawadi, composer extraordinaire. Although just to be careful—and because our only concern is the opening theme—I still have not found a reference that credits him for the main titles (yes, it’s possible it might be a different composer), but I’ve written enough about theme songs to bet that he composed the titles as well.

So far, we have credited Mr. Djawadi for the themes of Prison Break and FlashForward—two excellently-scored shows.

That’s it for now. Show is really young but at least we have some information already. As always, will update this post when something new surfaces.

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  1. The booklet that came with the OST release clearly credits Ramin Djawadi for the whole score of Game of Thrones Season 1.

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