Flashpoint Theme Song


And now it’s time to conquer CBS.

The Flashpoint theme is the kind that grows on you slowly, and is television police drama appropriate—kind of like the Criminal Minds theme where you slowly find yourself jamming to it as you watch more and more episodes.

Anyhow, the song was composed by Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner. The same team composed music for the animated series Get Ed, which garnered them an Emmy nomination for Best Music Score.

I believe the song has gone through a couple of slight remixes throughout the seasons (3 for now). Below are two versions of it. Thank you to YouTube dude, bonjovi0810. Can you spot the difference?

One thought on “Flashpoint Theme Song”

  1. On what instrument is the last note of the Flashpoint intro theme played?
    It’s a single tone and my husband keeps asking me about it as I am an old music major. I’m thinking it’s some electric string instrument, but he disagrees.
    Can you settle this or refer me to someone who can?

    Thanks in advance!


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