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EZ Streets was an American television crime drama created by Paul Haggis—that dude who produced and directed Crash. It starred Ken Olin and Joe Pantoliano among others. Sounds like a good crew, I wonder why it only lasted one season.

It had a good theme song though, composed by Mark Isham, and it won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music in 1997.

May 13, 2010 update

I thought the video below contained the Mark Isham theme song, I was wrong. The music in the opening credits below is Caroline Lavelle’s “Moorlough Shore.”

It is said in Caroline Lavelle’s Wikipedia entry, “Her version of the song ‘Moorlough Shore’ was used for the introduction to Paul Haggis’s critically-acclaimed Crime-Drama EZ Streets.”

So now the confusion is for what song Mark Isham won an Emmy for.

EZ Streets theme song lyrics (show edit)

I have waited long for you to come back home
To hear you call my name again
In my heart’s deep soul you’ve not changed at all
And the years have passed you by
Your sweet lips that lingered on my skin
I can feel their heat again
And for seven long years i’ll wait for him
On the banks of the moorlough shore

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