Dolce Amore Theme Song

Dolce Amore is a popular Philippine television series that aired from February to August 2016. (Wow, I never though we would go this international.) It starred Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil as the lead characters. The show follows the love story of Serena, a privileged Italian heiress, and Tenten, a hardworking Filipino boy, as they navigate the challenges of their different backgrounds and find love amidst their contrasting worlds.

Dolce Amore Theme Music

Now, about the theme song. If you must know, the opening and closing theme features the same song. The song is entitled “Your Love.” In the intro, it is sung by the artist Juris (female), while the outro features male artist Michael Pangilinan. For the outro, the song is credited with the title “Tou Amore” which is basically the same only in Italian. Now, with all that being said, the original song “Your Love” is credited to the 90s-popular Filipino band Alamid. Whew.

Below is the opening theme but in full song — by Juris.

Below is the ending theme, again in full — by Michael Pangilinan.

And now the original version, by the band Alamid (official music video). A little bit more rock so this is our fave.

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