Dirty Jobs Theme Song

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

The theme song for Dirty Jobs is entitled “We Care a Lot.” It is a very old song by the band Faith No More, and was included in their first two albums—We Care a Lot and Introduce Yourself released in 1985 and 1987 respectively. Basically, it has the lyrics “Oh, it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it,” which makes it perfect for the show. Also, in 2007, the theme song was temporarily replaced with a more generic theme song because of rights issues.

However, you might be looking for that “official, unofficial Dirty Jobs theme song.” If you’re familiar with the show, there was an episode where a viewer wrote to Mike and asked about his days as an opera singer—true story, so it gave birth to a song, accompanied by a guitar and a banjo, with constantly changing lyrics, but always end with the line “all you got to do is get yourself a dirty job.”

So, just watch the three videos below, where you can hear the theme songs discussed above.

Dirty Jobs opening featuring “We Care a Lot”

Mike Rowe gets an email from a fan, giving birth to “official, unofficial Dirty Jobs theme song”

Longer “official, unofficial Dirty Jobs theme song” seen in their 100th special episode

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  1. gonna miss dirty jobs. actually i have learned from that show. why did they cancel it?

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