Detroit 1-8-7 Theme Song


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Detroit 1-8-7 is another cop show on ABC, and it premiered just September of this year. You know for me, if I do not know anything about a show, the only thing that is gonna make me watch it is if there are hot chicks. And this one, has two—Natalie Martinez from Death Race fame and Erin Cummings from a lot of stuff.

Oh well, by the way, if you do not already know, “1-8-7” is cop code for homicide.

The show has a very short 5-second opening. I’m quite sure that short tune was composed by John O’Brien, as he is already credited for 12 episodes in 2010. Below is said opening.

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  1. It was composed by John O’Brien and Dave Kushner, along with show creator Jason Richman and music supervisor Bob Thiele.

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