Coronation Street Theme Song

Coronation Street is a long-running British soap opera that first aired in 1960. It currently has 11,000+ episodes (yes, that’s right, as of 2003). Set in the fictional town of Weatherfield, it follows the lives and relationships of the residents on the cobbled street. With its compelling storylines and beloved characters, Coronation Street has become an iconic and enduring television series.

The theme music of Coronation Street, composed by Eric Spear, features a cornet piece accompanied by a brass band, clarinet, and double bass. It is simply known as “Coronation Street Theme.” However, it was originally called “Lancashire Blues” when it was written in 1960. The identity of the trumpeter was revealed in 1994 as Ronnie Hunt, and despite attempts to re-record the solo with Stan Roderick, the original version was ultimately used. In 2010, a new version of the theme tune was recorded for the show’s HD broadcast, accompanied by a montage-style credits sequence. Additionally, a reggae version of the theme was released in 1983 by The I-Royals.

Below is the original theme/opening.

Below was taken from 2022.

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