Conan Theme Song

2010-present; this is for Conan O’Brien’s new show, Conan

It seems only like yesterday when I posted about Conan’s old theme song, and now he has yet another show. Although while the world, especially I, was awaiting his new show, the dilemma of Max Weinberg still being a part of it was posed. Very, very sadly, he did not make it. Rumors started when, while on his sabbatical tour, Conan’s The Legally Prohibited Band was lacking one familiar (funny) face.

So the old Max Weinberg and The Max Weinberg 7 became Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, led by then Max’s #2 guy. Drumming duties have been taken by James Wormworth, who regularly subbed for Max when he was touring with Bruce Springsteen.

And now they have a new theme song.

Just after the show premiered, they (@ legally launched the theme song for download. Click here for the direct link.

I do love the new theme song, but I really, really did love the old theme song as well. To date, I’m still undecided which is which.

Anyway, if you’re not feeling very download-y, below is a music-only video of the theme. Enjoy.

While all Conan music is credited to the Basic Cable Band, I have not seen legal and written proof that the theme song was indeed composed by them.

Conan rules!

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