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Boy Meets World, a show which starred Ben Savage playing a growing boy named Cory Matthews, had a number of theme songs in its entire seven-season run. Wikipedia claims there were a total of five songs used. Most notable in these barrage of theme songs was the one with the words “boy,” “meets,” and “world” in the lyrics, which also happened to be the last and the longest used theme song, which carried the show from season five to seven.

That song was written by Phil Rosenthal. It was performed by the band Twenty Cent Crush, with Phil Rosenthal on vocals. Other members include Steve Berns and Ron Pak. Download sites (including credit the song as “Boy Meets World (feat. Phil Rosenthal).” I am unsure if Phil Rosenthal was a part of that band, nor if that Phil Rosenthal is the same guy behind Everybody Loves Raymond.

Boy Meets World theme song lyrics (show edit, 22 seconds)

When this boy meets world
Boy meets world
Wandering down this road, that we call life
Is what we’re doin’
It’s good to know I have friends that will always
Stand by me
When this boy meets world

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Below is an earlier edit of the Boy Meets World opening, featuring an instrumental song and different scenes.

Download the full length version of “Boy Meets World.”

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