Blue Bloods Theme Song


I just finished watching the first episode of Blue Bloods and it looks interesting, and quite star-studded at that—that is if you consider Donnie Wahlberg a star. Although to be honest, anything with Bridget Moynahan.

The opening song is apparently called “Reagan’s Theme,” after the Reagan family of police officers characters—with Tom Selleck’s character, Francis “Frank” Reagan as the father. As for the composer, nothing sure yet as of this moment but IMDb credits Rob Simonsen for 4 episodes. However, the series is not yet credited in his official site. So either it’s an outdated site or it’s not really him. We’ll get this straight once more information surfaces.

Below is said theme and opening sequence.

Seriously, there is an ongoing, unspoken theme common among police dramas. I can’t quite describe it but they (composers) can make it sound police-like without sounding like the next police series’ theme.

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