Beverly Hills, 90210 Theme Song


This is the original, the one that started it all, the godfather.

Alright, let’s proceed. Whichever Beverly Hills, 90210 theme song version or remix you know of, only remember one name—composer John E. Davis.

Of course there is the one main theme that we all know and love—which has been remixed and re-recorded throughout the show’s 10 seasons—but research has led me to believe there was another song. More on that later. As for the opening video sequence, it changed here and there with the advent of new cast members, so just see some examples below.

First, what I deem the most popular and known version of the theme song and introduction—the one used through seasons two to four.

Next, CBS’ take on “the classic opening title sequence.” Yes the show was shown on FOX but CBS did a lot for its distribution. I believe this was used in the first season. The video below is from CBS’ official YouTube channel.

Next, the classic mailman scene. Originally I thought the mailman scene transitioned to the sequence and song above, but there is a different song to this one. This is the “other song” I mentioned earlier. This version could only have been used in the first season. Song also composed by John E. Davis.

Season 5 experienced a major change as the song and titles were cut from 1 minute 38 seconds to 58 seconds.

Finally, let’s just skip to the show’s latter years. The opening below is the opening used in the last ever show—year 2000, season 10.

As for soundtracks, I have seen 3. There is the original soundtrack, which is the one you should get if the theme song is your thing, the one labeled The College Years, and the one labeled Songs from the Peach Pit, which also contains the theme.

In the soundtracks, the main title theme lasts 3+ minutes. Below is the full/extended version found in the albums.

Phew. Now we’re done. An epic post for an epic show.

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