Beany and Cecil Theme Song

The “Beany and Cecil” show is an animated television series created by Bob Clampett in the 1960s and revived in the 1980s. It follows the adventures of Beany and his sea serpent friend, Cecil, as they explore imaginative worlds and encounter various characters and villains. The show’s humor incorporates wordplay, puns, and visual gags, appealing to both children and adults. With its lighthearted and comedic tone, catchy theme songs, and memorable catchphrases, it has become a classic in the world of animation. “Beany and Cecil” has had a lasting impact, influencing subsequent animated shows and garnering a dedicated cult following.

About the theme song

Okay, here’s the thing. This show is half a century old. Finding information about the theme song is, needles to say, tough.

But here’s a direct quote from its Wikipedia page:

The credits of the series did not show traditional job titles, but pictorial symbols indicating their jobs. Bob Clampett’s writing credit was indicated by a typewriter typing out the words “…by Bob Clampett”, for instance. Clampett also made sure to include his name in the lyrics of the often-repeated B&C theme song to gain more recognition with viewers and from the animation industry. Clampett finally got the rights from ABC to market his Beany and Cecil cartoons by video during the 1980s.


To add to that, since the show had two distinct runs—1960s and and1980s—in the original version, it was Irv Shoemaker who voiced Cecil and therefore would sing the “A Bob Clam-pett car-tooooooo-OOOOOOOOON!” at the end of the theme. For the 80s version, it was Billy West.

Below is the opening sequence from a 1962 episode.


Come go sailing
We’ve waited long enough
For Beany and Cecil Dishonest John and Captain Huffenpuff.
It’s time for adventure
Hot Dog, some fun. Oh Joy
With Cecil the seasick sea serpent
And good old Beany
Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy.

Join us for fun with Beany and…

Lovable, gullible, armless, harmless, ten foot tall and wet.
Cecil the seasick serpent
Created by Bob Clampett.
So come on kids, let’s flip our lids
Higher than the moon
Cause now here’s Beany and Cecil in a whole half hour
Bob Clampett Cartoon.

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