Bad Sisters Theme Song

The theme song from Bad Sisters is entitled “Who by Fire.” It was written by Leonard Cohen and performed by PJ Harvey. However, for the show, the song is credited to PJ Harvey and another composer named Tim Phillips. Below is the opening titles/montage for the Apple TV+ show:

Who is Leonard Cohen?

Leonard Cohen (1934–2016) was a Canadian singer-songwriter, poet, and novelist. His most iconic songs like “Hallelujah” and “Suzanne” explored love and spirituality. Cohen’s work as a musician, poet, and novelist left a profound and lasting impact on the arts.

Who is PJ Harvey?

PJ Harvey is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and poet. With her powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and diverse musical styles, she has created a compelling body of work. Known for songs like “Down by the Water” and “Rid of Me,” Harvey’s artistry is raw, intense, and highly influential.

From the web

PJ Harvey and composer Tim Phillips collaborated on the soundtrack for Apple TV+’s series “Bad Sisters.” The 13-track OST features 11 original songs, including a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Who by Fire.” Phillips created a unique sample library called “The Pollytron” using Harvey’s vocals, incorporating various vocal expressions, notes, and melodic lines. The resulting sonic texture adds an earthy and feminine quality to the series. Harvey expressed her enjoyment of the collaboration, while Phillips aimed to capture the perfect emotional soundscape for the show. Additionally, Harvey will release a box set titled “B-Sides, Demos & Rarities” on November 4th.

Below is the original (Leonard Cohen) version of “Who by Fire.”

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