Back to the Future Theme Song

1985; and, this works for the whole trilogy

Great Scott! So, guess what was playing in some channel the other night?

Music for Back to the Future was handled by legendary composer, and frequent Robert Zemeckis collaborator, Alan Silvestri. Here’s what we have for Mr. Silvestri so far: Manimal, Forrest Gump and The Polar Express. Impressive.

It is said that Steven Spielberg did not like Silvestri’s work on the film Romancing the Stone so director Robert Zemeckis advised Silvestri to make his compositions grand and epic, despite the relatively small scale of the film. So I guess hence the grand theme song.

Also part of the theme song story is the band Huey Lewis and the News who were originally commissioned to create the film’s theme song. Their composition “Back in Time” was sort of semi-rejected as it did not contain references to the film’s title. It did however make it in the film and soundtrack, along with another greatly-associated Back to the Future Huey Lewis and the News song, “The Power of Love”. Mr. Huey Lewis also made a cameo in part one.

There have been a number of official scores and soundtracks—including special editions, remixes, re-releases—for the film, but the theme song is best associated with the first and original soundtrack. In it the theme tune is track #3: “Back to the Future” by The Outatime Orchestra (3:20).

Below is the original version from the CD.

So I guess that’s it.

P.S. You might find this next video funny though. A parody of the theme song. Just watch.

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