Arrow Theme Song


arrow posterArrow is a girl’s show. Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but it does appeal to a lot of women. Why? Because of all the muscles. I mean, seriously, Stephen Amell, that’s some serious meat you’re packing. Jesus. (So ladies, the photo on the left is a tribute to you.)

Even Diggle (David Ramsey) looks like he sleeps in a gym or something.

Anyway, (spit), on to the theme song. Let’s put it this way—the show has good music, no question about that, but it is not definable by its theme. In fact, after the pilot (I think), the succeeding episodes were left with a nowadays-trend of a 10-second theme. Just a quick logo flash and a short tune.

Music for the series is credited to one excellent composer by the name of Blake Neely. Mr. Neely is known in the theme song world, both in television and in film, and some of his works include: Everwood, for which he was nominated for an Emmy, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Last Samurai to name a few.

So, I guess that’s it. As with most shows this young, no commercial soundtrack or music release is available.

Good thing there’s this video. See below for an extended version of the theme. According to the uploader, it was taken from the pilot; from the montage where he was setting up his base (in the city). Which is why it has some background noise.

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