Ally McBeal Theme Song

I’m just finishing all David E. Kelley shows—and Ally McBeal should have been one of the first posts. The theme song for Ally McBeal is Vonda Shepard’s “Searchin’ My Soul.” It was originally part of the album The Radical Light (1992), but was not released as a commercial single. In the album, the song is credited to Vonda Shepard and Paul Gordon.

“Searchin’ My Soul” was re-released in Songs from Ally McBeal (1998) and The Best of Ally McBeal – The Songs of Vonda Shepard (2009).

Most of the original scores from Ally McBeal is also credited to another familiar name in this blog—Danny Lux.

Ally McBeal theme song lyrics (show edit)

I’ve been down this road walkin’ the line
That’s painted by pride
And I have made mistakes in my life
That I just can’t hide

Oh I believe I am ready for what love has to bring
Got myself together, now I’m ready to sing

I’ve been searchin’ my soul tonight
I know there’s so much more to life
Now I know I can shine a light
To find my way back home

Oh, baby, yeah, oh yeah

Watch & Listen (season 2)

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