Airwolf Theme Song

The Airwolf theme song was composed by Hungarian composer, Sylvester Levay. The theme song was orchestral-based on the first season and early parts of the second season, and was synthesizer-based thereafter (Airwolf lasted for four seasons). Another composer, Udi Harpaz, is also credited as a main composer for the show’s music.

A two-CD soundtrack entitled Airwolf Themes was released in 1999. It was made possible by an Airwolf super-fan named Mark J. Cairns, who, back in the late nineties tracked Sylvester Levay. When Cairns found Levay, he contracted him to record three special bonus medleys for the album, which eventually comprised the whole of the second CD.

The first CD of Airwolf Themes contained 22 songsā€”all of which were recorded, rearranged and produced (with help from Gerry R. Forrester) by Mark J. Cairns, using only a synthesizer and a Power Mac.

Airwolf Themes eventually became a collectible item and quite a phenomenon, with some pieces selling for as much as $700 dollars on online auction sites (only 1,000 were made).

About Airwolf

Airwolf was a 1980s television series about a high-tech military helicopter code-named “Airwolf.” The first three seasons which starred Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine and Alex Cord originally aired on CBS. USA Network picked-up the fourth and final season, but the orignal cast was written out.

It is said that the show’s creator, Donald P. Bellisario, first came up with the idea of an ace combat pilot from an episode of Magnum P.I. (which he also created).

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