7th Heaven Theme Song


Ah, Jessica Biel.

This is a very iconic theme song that should have been here eons ago, but well, this is a random blog and I can only do so much at a time.

Anyway, talking about its theme song, two names come two mind. Composer Dan Foliart and singer Steve Plunkett. Most only credit Mr. Plunkett for the song but I have enough reason to believe Mr. Foliart composed it.

Steve Plunkett is of the defunct American band Autograph. I think they were big in the glam metal era.

I have found but one official soundtrack for the series. It is labeled “music that inspired the hit television show.” It does have the theme, credited as “7th Heaven (Main Title Theme)”, but it only lasts 0:58 so I guess there is no extended/full version of it.

Below is the opening theme and credits taken from season 8.

I think all 7th Heaven YouTube clips have embedding disabled so just click above to watch on YouTube.

7th Heaven theme song lyrics

7th Heaven
When I see their happy faces smilin’ back at me
7th Heaven
I know there is no greater feelin’ than the love of a family
Where can you go when the world don’t treat you right?
The answer is home, that’s the one place that you’ll find
7th Heaven
Mmmmmm 7th Heaven
7th Heaven

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