2 Broke Girls Theme Song

2 Broke Girl$Beth Behrs is cute!

Truth be told, I don’t think this series is gonna last long. I mean, well, it’s a different kind of funny, and it doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Now on to the theme. Although in the opening the tune seems like something randomly pieced together, it’s actually part of a real, full song. The song is called “Second Chance” and is by a Swedish band called Peter Bjorn and John.

Side note: Punctuation error or stylization, the band’s name is somewhat misleading as in reality it’s supposed to be “Peter, Bjorn, and John” — the first names of the three band members. Now, who here thought somewhere in the lines of Peter Bjorn, a solo artist, and someone named John?

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Person of Interest Theme Song

POI-posterBen Linus and Jesus Christ! Jesus!

Interesting show right here, people, right? I mean, we haven’t seen a plot this unique in years. Although, I’m still on the first season and I’ve a lot of catching up to do. So many awesome shows!

You know what’s even more unique about this show and its theme song? It’s the showcase of one extraordinary man’s extraordinary talents. I’m talking about the great J. J. Abrams. We all know that this is his show (to some extent, at least), and he marked his territory further by creating the show’s (opening) theme. That’s right, surprise, surprise.

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Mad Love Theme Song

This is for the semi-new sitcom on CBS starring American Pie‘s Jason Biggs and one of my favorite always-the-odd-character actors, Judy Greer.

Now, let me be honest with you and go straight to the point—the theme song for Mad Love still remains a mystery. No information is available out there with regards to the composer, performer, song title, or if ever there’s a full version. At this point, the only thing we can do is translate the lyrics on our own, so here goes:

Mad Love theme song lyrics

Our love is volatile, chemical, anything but typical. I want you badly, (I love you madly) I love you madly.

Now, not that that was hard to do or anything, but this post will remain (and will act) as an information and discussion medium for anything related to this tune. As always, hit the comments if have something useful to add.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning that original music for the series is credited to composer John Swihart. Mr. Swihart is known in the film and television-scoring world, most notable for Napoleon Dynamite. I did some research and listened to his tunes—they sound very unique with a general wacky and happy feeling. However, non of his songs (those that I listened to at least) have vocals. So, it’s hard to tell but it’s probably not him who composed the Mad Love theme.

For now, let’s just relive said tune from the opening credits.

Mission: Impossible Theme Song

This is for the whole franchise

Just to recap—because technically there is only one Mission: Impossible theme song—let’s look at what the franchise has come up with so far.

From Wikipedia:

  1. Mission: Impossible, the original 1966-1973 television series
  2. Mission: Impossible, the 1988-1990 television series revival
  3. Mission: Impossible, the 1996 film starring Tom Cruise
  4. Mission: Impossible II, the 2000 sequel to the film
  5. Mission: Impossible III, the 2006 sequel to the film
  6. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, a forthcoming sequel announced for 2011

So, to make this post a little more exciting, we’ll try to discuss something from each. But first, something about the song.

The tune of course started life as the opening credits theme for the original television series. It has officially been called “Theme from Mission: Impossible” more so than anything else. It was composed by Lalo Schifrin, an Argentine composer who has received four Grammy Awards and six Oscar nominations, and is also known as the composer of the Dirty Harry theme, the Starsky and Hutch theme, as well as music for the Rush Hour film series.

Just to give you an idea of how legendary Mr. Schifrin and his theme song is, Lipton (the iced tea maker) created a tribute commercial in 2010 that fictionalized how he come up with the tune.

Now, on to the original series. Of course, this started it all. The theme was featured in the opening and closing credits; the opening sequence is legendary in itself—the match and fuse scene that burns from left to right as clips and the show’s stars are featured. The opening lasted 50 seconds. Luckily, this YouTuber compiled everything (opening, intro and closing) in one convenient video. See below.


The original series also gave birth to a soundtrack, but was only released in 1996 (I guess to bank on the success of the first film).

The 1988 television series revival is widely referred to as “The New Mission: Impossible.” Only actor Peter Graves (Jim Phelps) was able to reprise his role. The new series, of course, had a more modernized sequence and theme song. Below is the opening credits.


The tracks from this series, as well as the original one, can be found in an all-in-one soundtrack album called The Best Of Mission: Impossible Then And Now, which (I think) was also released in 1996.

The films

Mission: Impossible

The first film gave birth to a rockin’ soundtrack and remake of the theme by U2 members Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums).

Below is their version (with official video).

The song above peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, while the soundtrack (album) reached gold status.

The soundtrack also contained a remix (by the same U2 guys) entitled “Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)”. Listen below.


Because the film was scored by composer Danny Elfman, he also had a take on the theme song—featured in the opening of the movie. See below.

Mission: Impossible II

The film was scored by Hans Zimmer, and its soundtrack featured a bunch of rock songs from a bunch of rock bands. It gave birth to Limp Bizkit’s “Take a Look Around” that samples the original theme’s melody. Below is the song.

There’s also track in the Hans Zimmer score called “Mission:Impossible Theme” that lasts 39 seconds. For now I can’t get a hold of this version.

Mission: Impossible III

The second sequel did not do much for the good of the theme song. Official composer was Michael Giacchino. However, this time, the franchise did not release a song compilation album (just Giacchino score album). There is a 51-second version of the theme in the album, I guess a take by Mr. Giacchino but I also can’t find a video of it. Sorry.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The upcoming film is set to be scored once again by Michael Giacchino. Will update this once more information comes along. Movie is set to be released on December 16, 2011.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Theme Song


I wanted to get on top of this but I am a little too late.

While the original Criminal Minds went through a subtle remix in its theme (which I did not like) and opening sequence (bring back A.J. Cook!), here we are today with the four-episode-old spin-off’s quite-cool theme song. YouTubers are fast and yes a bunch already uploaded the intro.

As expected, with such a young show, not much information is available for the theme song. However, IMDb lists Marc Fantini, Steffan Fantini and Scott Gordon as official composers. Let me go out on a limb here and say (for certain) that the Fantini guys composed this one as well.

More dirt on this theme song in the future.

See the official intro sequence of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior below.


The Unit Theme Song


Cool, cool show. I think it kinda fell apart when… (no spoilers here).

The theme songs for The Unit are some more Robert Duncan creations. The first version, used in the first and second season, is called “Fired Up”. It is an adaptation of a standard Marine Corps cadence called “Fired Up, Feels Good”.

Below are the intro sequences using “Fired Up”. The audio quality is quite poor so please bear with me.

These are the words they chant: “fired up”, “feels good”, “sounds good”, “forty-seven”, “here we go” and “on the road”.

Below is the original Marine Corps version.


Now from season three onwards, they changed the theme to something still cool, but not cooler than the first one (personal opinion, alright?). Mr. Duncan composed it as well. It is called “Walk the Fire”.

These are the versions of the opening sequence using “Walk the Fire”.

Below are the lyrics.

The Unit theme song lyrics

Give me your secrets
Bring me a sign
Give me a reason
To walk the fire
See another dawn
Through our daughters eyes
You give me a reason
To walk the fire

Below is a long version of the song. I do not know if its official or fan-created.


Joan of Arcadia Theme Song


Ah, the God argument—there is no other.

The theme song for Joan of Arcadia is popular in its own right—possibly more famous than the show that is. The song, “One of Us”, was a big, big hit in the 90s (case in point: I can still remember the chords). It was performed by Joan Osborne and was originally part of her 1995-release Relish.

Below, the full (album) version and the original video.

The song was composed by American Eric Bazilian, a founding member of the band The Hooters.

In Joan of Arcadia, the song was re-recorded. You can obviously tell with the very last line, as Ms. Osborne obviously did not sing it in that manner in the whole (original) song.

Below is the theme and original opening credits.


Joan of Arcadia theme song lyrics

Show edit.

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home
Just trying to make his way home
Just trying to make his way home

To tell you the truth, it seems like the whole show premised on “One of Us”.

Northern Exposure Theme Song


I have to admit, I do not remember much about this show except for the moose in the opening.

It sure did have a rockin’ theme song though, which is just so relaxing to listen to. Audiophiles, this is a good gear tester.

The song, normally credited as “Theme From Northern Exposure”, was composed by David Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz is the lone composer and scorer for the series; he also did some work for Reaper, Worst Week and Arrested Development among others.

If you want to legally acquire the tune, you can check out the official soundtrack Northern Exposure: Music from the Television Series, released in 1992 under MCA.

I’m not 100% sure but I think the soundtrack contains a full/extended version of the theme, otherwise where would the video below get a 3-minute version.

And below, the classic moose opening sequence.

Walker, Texas Ranger Theme Song


I often wonder why the world chose Chuck Norris to be this big-a-phenomenon. I’m not complaining though, he’s funny and he rocks (and is such a badass!), and by the way, he is now 70 years old.

Thanks in part to Conan, this show is now and will always be, a cult classic.

Another probable reason why he’s such a legend is because he’s the only one who has the balls to sing the theme tune to his own show. That’s right, the theme song for Walker, Texas Ranger, the one with vocals, at least, was performed by none other than the man—Chuck Norris.

As we all know, there are two versions of opening songs for the series—one is an instrumental (used in season one and part of season two) and the other one “Eyes of a Ranger” by Chuck Norris. The Chuck song was composed by Tirk Wilder and the other one by Jerrold Immel. I believe there is no official/public release for these songs so all we really have is ze YouTubes.

Luckily, this die hard fan took the time to compile all (as in all) versions of the intro sequence throughout the show’s 8-season run. A big shout out to YouTube member A6CHANNELSGROUP. Below is said video.

Walker, Texas Ranger theme song lyrics

In the eyes of a ranger
The unsuspected stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right

‘Cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you
Any wrong you do he’s gonna see
When you’re in Texas look behind you

‘Cause that’s where the ranger’s gonna be